1000 Facts - Ancient Egypt (1000 Facts on...) by Belinda Gallagher PDF

By Belinda Gallagher

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ISBN-13: 9781842369357

This booklet presents a wealthy resource of knowledge with greatest impression and minimal muddle. precisely one thousand evidence are coated via a hundred issues, each one with 10 key issues that offer an easy yet memorable deal with at the topic. attention-grabbing info panels in addition to prolonged captions magnify this quickly fireplace strategy.

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Humans Try to Control Nature I. Early Advances in Technology and Art A. B. II. The Beginnings g of Agriculture Early Advances in Technology and Art Early modern humans quickly distinguished themselves from their ancestors, who had spent most of their time just surviving. As inventors and artists, more advanced humans stepped up the pace of cultural changes. Tools Needed to Survive For tens of thousands of years, men and women of the Old Stone Age were nomads. Nomads were highly mobile people who moved from place to place foraging, or searching, for new sources of food.

Many of these maps contain several layers of information that provide a better understanding of how and why events in history occurred. Below is a look at how to read a map in order to obtain all of the rich information it offers. How to Read a Map 120°E 80°E The title explains what Beijing area and events the map covers. ) Western-Held Territories in Asia, 1910 N TA HA NI S R. ) national boundaries. an e R T IBE T AS PA z Ch ngt a (Y BHUTAN L s R. TAIWAN Calcutta (Japan) Rangoon 0 South China Sea SIAM Bangkok ENC H FR C H I N A DO Bay of Bengal 1,000 Miles 2,000 Kilometers Based on an estimation from the map, Manila is located at about 12° north latitude and 120° east longitude.

Scientific research on the body (lower right) concluded that the Ice Man was in his 40s when he died in the late spring or early summer from an arrow wound. Scientists also determined that in the hours before his death, he ate wild goat, red deer, and grains. The Ice Man is housed in a special museum in Bolzano, Italy. The Peopling of the World 15 Domestication of Animals Food gatherers’ understanding of plants probably spurred the development of farming. Meanwhile, hunters’ expert knowledge of wild animals likely played a key role in the domestication, or taming, of animals.

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