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By Campana F.

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Sb Complete solid solubility of (Th1–xUx)Sb2 (Cu2Sb type) -Se Complete solid solubility of (Th1–xUx)Se (NaCl type) -Te Solubility of U in ThTe (CsCl type) and solubility of Th in UTe (NaCl type) -Zr Complete liquidus and solidus projections Several isothermal sections -C Partial isothermal sections at 1100, 1300, 1600°C Temperature-composition section (ThC2-PuC2) -N Partial isothermal sections. ). , “An Investigation of the Neptunium-Uranium System”, J. , “Constitution Studies on the Neptunium-Plutonium Alloy System”, J.

Until x = 6 further Fe atoms occupy preferably the 8j position, whereas for x > 6 also some Fe atoms go to the 8i position [1995Gon, 2005Gon]. Like other phases of the ThMn12 type it is ferromagnetic and exhibits very large magnetic anisotropy with the hard magnetization along the c-axis. By spectroscopic investigation [2003Tal] found domination of the U 5f states at the Fermi level. Five more ternary phases were identified to be stable at 850°C [2005Gon]. The crystal structure is known for all of them.

3)”, J. , 318-318, 44-51 (2001) (Crys. , “Symmetry and Magnetism of UFe5Al7”, Phys. Rev. B, 65(9), 094413_1-094413_5 (2002) (Crys. Structure, Magn. , “Structural, Magnetic, and Mössbauer Study of U2Fe12Al5”, Chem. , 14(10), 4219-4228 (2002) (Crys. Structure, Experimental, Magn. , “High-Pressure Studies of a ThMn12 Type Actinide Compound: UFe5Al7”, J. : Condens. Matter, 14(44), 11189-11193 (2002) (Crys. Structure, Experimental, Mechan. , “Identification of the Structure of a New Al-U-Fe Phase by Electron Microdiffraction Technigue”, J.

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4-folds with numerically effective tangent bundles and second Betti numbers greater than one by Campana F.

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