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By J. Gregory Keyes

ISBN-10: 0345406087

ISBN-13: 9780345406088

1722: A moment darkish Age looms. An asteroid has devastated the Earth, referred to as down by means of dire creatures who plot opposed to the realm of guys. The brilliant-- a few say mad--Isaac Newton has taken shelter in historical Prague. There, together with his younger apprentice Ben Franklin, he plumbs the secrets and techniques of the aetheric beings who've so approximately destroyed humanity.But their security is tenuous. Peter the good marches his unstoppable forces throughout Europe. And part a global away, Cotton Mather and Blackbeard the pirate gather a celebration of colonial luminaries to go the Atlantic and notice what has befallen the previous global. With them sails pink footwear, a Choctaw shaman whose mysterious connections to the invisible global warn him that they're all relocating towards a war of words as violent because it is decisive . . .

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Gazing up at the slate sky, at the hills in their white coats of water-cut-to-pieces, he wondered if they had not somehow managed to bring their weather with them. “I appreciate your company,” Bienville said in Mobilian, the trade language. It was like a child’s version of Choctaw with a funny accent and a few strange words. Red Shoes had never much cared for it. “It’s good to get out upon the land,” he replied in French. ” Bienville chuckled. “So you do speak French. ” Now Red Shoes smiled. “I am Choctaw, Governor.

They were eight, all told, and to Red Shoes they had once made an impressive sight, each larger than anything made by his own people. Swallowed by sea and sky for two months they had diminished in his eyes, and now, come to this strange, dead shore, they seemed smaller than ever, bubbles in the eddy of a swift stream. They had sailed toward Sun-Emerging, a direction where his people had always believed the sources of life were. And yet this place more resembled legends of the Darkening Land, where the sun dies.

Except for their white hair, they might have been Chickasaw or Natchez, or any other of the traditional enemies of the Choctaw. “Their intentions seem clear,” Nairne said. ” “That would be about now,” Renard said, squeezing the trigger. The shot boomed hollowly in the vast bowl. The lead figure on that side pitched squealing into the valley. ” Fernando asked, gesturing at the glowing balls of flame rising all around. “Nishkin Achafa,” Red Shoes said. “A kind of spirit. ” “Ignore them, then,” Nairne ordered.

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