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X n } is any orthonormal basis of (n, ·, · ). Notice that always sc(N , ·, · ) < 0, unless N is Abelian. It is proved in [16, Lemma 1] (see also [15]) that the gradient of the scalar curvature functional sc: P → R (recall that the scalar curvature is left invariant and so it consists in a single constant for each metric) is given in the nilpotent case by grad(sc) ·,· = − ric ·,· , (29) and hence it follows from the properties of P described above that tr Ric ·,· D = 0, ∀ symmetric D ∈ Der(n), (30) where Der(n) is the Lie algebra of derivations of n (see for instance [20, (2)] for a proof of this fact).

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