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32 Understanding the heterogeneity within individual bodies such as Vesta provides a geologic context for these meteorites. Documenting the diversity among small solar system bodies, both heavily processed like Vesta and those that may have experienced less severe processing, can address the following objectives previously identified in NRC reports:33–35 • Determination of the record of early solar system processes and history retained by small bodies; • Constraining the nature and composition of planetesimals, such as those that accreted to form the planets; and • Recognition of relationships among asteroids, comets, and extraterrestrial samples (meteorites and interplanetary dust particles).

Many other asteroids and comets would be attractive targets. Judging from the prevalence of metamorphosed chondrites among meteorites, many chondritic asteroids must have experienced significant heating, although not necessarily to the point of melting as in the case of Vesta. Interplanetary dust particles thought to have been derived from comets show minimal thermal processing, but even these objects have been affected by heating during atmospheric transit. Thus, the abundances of volatile elements and organic compounds in their parent objects may only be understood from measurements made in situ on cometary nuclei.

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