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When those cells die they are compacted into the protein substance known as hair, just as the dead cells in the stratum corneum are compacted into keratin. Warm weather stimulates hair growth; freezing temperatures stifle growth. Warm weather stimulates hair growth; freezing temperatures stifle growth. Emotional or physical stress sometimes will cause hair to go into the resting (telogen) phase. Baldness occurs when the hairs go into a permanent telogen phase (see chapter 7). The Nails Nails are also epidermal structures that migrated into the dermis during fetal life.

They get help in this "task" from their body fat. Men's skin, by contrast, bears a greater percentage of the burden of keeping their bodies warm, because men have a smaller percentage of body fat. What about the differences between the sexes in response to heat? Generally, women tolerate heat less well than men do. This means that they are more susceptible to heat stress and to heat stroke. The reason is that women tend to sweat less than men do. As a result, in response to excessive heat, they cannot cool their bodies as rapidly as men can.

Among these are malignant melanoma, albinism, vitiligo, and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (see chapter 8). Cells of the basal cell layer take about two weeks to migrate upwards to the stratum corneum. There they are compacted and, after another two weeks, they are shed. Thus, the usual turnover time of the epidermisthe time it takes for cells to migrate from the basal cell layer to the point of being shed from the stratum corneumis about one month. The Dermis The second layer of the skin, the dermis, varies in thickness from one to four millimeters.

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