New PDF release: Airliners Between the Wars, 1919-39 (Colour)

By Kenneth Munson

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In favor of Waldemar, Bishop of Sles-wick. He was the natural son of Cnut V. , the reigning king, on the suppression of which he was cast into prison. Innocent demanded his liberation, as his incarceration was a violation of the immunities of the Church. Waldemar naturally hesitated thus to expose his kingdom to the repetition of revolt, and Innocent at first modified his command in so far as to order the offender conveyed to Hungary and liberated there, promising that he should not be permitted again to disturb the realm; but he subsequently evoked the case to Rome, where, in spite of the bishop being the offspring of a double adultery and thus ineligible to holy orders, and in spite of the representations of the Danish envoys that he had been guilty of perjury, adultery, apostasy, and dilapidation, Innocent, in behalf of the liberties of the Church, restored him to his bishopric and patrimony, with the special privilege of administering it by deputy if he feared that residence would endanger his personal safety.

Innocent. PP. III. Regest vi. 183; vii. 192193; x. 209-210, 215; xv. 202. For the subsequent career of Waldemar of Sleswick, see Regest, xi. 10, 173; xii. 63; xiii. 158; xv. 3; Supplement. 187, 224, 228, 243. Of. Arnold. Lubecens. vi. 18; vii. 12, 13; and Vaissette, Hist. Gen, de Languedoc, IV. 80 (ed. 1742). For details of clerical immunity, see the author’s “Studies in Church History,” 2d edition, 1883. † Concil, ap. Campinacum ann. 1238, c. 1, 6. THE MONASTIC ORDERS. 35 of the age, and their virtues suffered proportionally.

PP. III. Epist. xcv. (Migne, Patrolog. CO. 1457). Of. Pet. Blesens. Epist. —Innocent. PP. III. Regest, i. 386, 476, 483, 499; v. 159; viii. 12; ix. 209; xm. 132; xv. —Pet. Cantor. Verb, abbrev. cap. —Gerhohi Lib. de Ædificio Dei cap. 33; Ejusd. Exposit. in Psalm. Ixiv. cap. —Chron. S. Trudon. Libb. —Hist. Vezeliacens. Libb. ii -Iiv—Chron. Senoniens. Libb. — Cæsar. Heisterbac. Dial. Mirac. Dist. IV. cap. 65-67. ” DEMORALIZATION OF MONACHI8M. 37 penance. Gregory assented, and ordered his chief cook to do the service, secretly instructing him that if, when the axe was raised, Gerbald shrank or wavered, he was to strike without mercy, but if the penitent was firm, then he was to announce that he was spared.

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