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By James M. Henle

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This publication is designed to be used in a one semester problem-oriented path in undergraduate set idea. the mix of point and layout is a little bit strange and merits an evidence. generally, challenge classes are provided to graduate scholars or chosen undergraduates. i've got discovered, even though, that the adventure is both beneficial to bland arithmetic majors. i take advantage of a up to date amendment of R. L. Moore's recognized process built in recent times via D. W. Cohen [1]. in short, during this new method, initiatives are assigned to teams of scholars every one week. With the entire helpful the help of the trainer, the teams entire their initiatives, rigorously write a quick paper for his or her classmates, after which, within the unmarried weekly category assembly, lecture on their effects. whereas the em­ phasis is at the scholar, the trainer is accessible at each degree to guarantee luck within the examine, to give an explanation for and critique mathematical prose, and to educate the teams in transparent mathematical presentation. the subject material of set thought is especially applicable to this form of direction. for a lot of the booklet the items of research are common and whereas the theorems are major and sometimes deep, it's the equipment and concepts which are most vital. the need of rea­ soning approximately numbers and units forces scholars to return to grips with the character of evidence, common sense, and arithmetic. of their learn they event an analogous dilemmas and uncertainties that confronted the pio­ neers.

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CHAPTER 4 The Rationals # 16. When we expanded from N to Z, we acquired subtraction (think of a - b as a +1' -(b)z). We did this (sort of) by forming Z as the collection of all subtraction problems: each (a, b) representing a-b. That is how we arrived at the relation"'. Since we can't subtract in N, we rewrite this as a +N d = b +N c. Now to expand Z to Q, we wish to acquire division. We can think of Q as ordered pairs (a, b), a, bE Z, which will represent division problems, alb. Of course b can't beO.

20 and prove it. Notice that this rule is like subtraction. It is just what is needed to define 7L. Defining +z: and why are we expanding from N to 7L? Basically so that we can subtract. Think of each ordered pair

2. Suppose a and b both satisfy the Axiom oflnfinity. Apply Regularity to the set (a\b) U(b\a). 3. 5 (e) Apply regularity to N\A. 4. Let A = {kE Nlcp(k)}. PROJECT # 8. 6. By induction on c: let cp(c) be the statement: VaVb(a +1'\1 (b +1'\1 c) = (a +1'\1 b) +1'\1 c). 8. By induction on n: let cp(n) be the statement: 0 +1'\1 n = n. PROJECT #9. 9. Commutativity turns out to be much trickier than associativity. Try this: first prove a + 1'\1 1 = 1 + 1'\1 a for all a E N (by induction), then prove a +1'\1 b = b +1'\1 a from this (also by induction).

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